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PPC Tip/Topic
  • Perry Marshall


    Co-Author, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

    Ad Copy
  • David Szetela


    Owner and CEO, Clix Marketing

    Ad text
  • Brad Geddes


    Author, Advanced Google AdWords

    Goal Setting
  • Matt Van Wagner


    President, Find Me Faster

    Negative Kw’s
  • Andrew Goodman


    Author, Winning Results with Google AdWords

    Sitelinks Ext
  • Alex Cohen


    Senior Marketing Manager, ClickEquations

    Broad match
  • Marc Poirier


    Co-Founder & CMO, Acquisio

    Facebook PPC
  • Addie Conner


    VP, Advertising, SocialCode

  • Chad Summerhill


    Senior Marketing Analyst, Moving Solutions, Inc.

    Data Analysis
  • Josh Dreller


    VP, Media Technology & Analytics

    Conversion Path
  • Bill Leake


    CEO, Apogee Results

    Ad Tracking
  • David Rodnitzky


    CEO & Founder, PPC Associates

    SEM Myths
  • Tim Ash


    CEO, SiteTuners

    Landing Pages
  • Larry Kim


    Founder, VP, WordStream Inc.

    Query Types
  • Joanna Lord


    Director Client Acquisition, SEOmoz

    KW Lists
  • Dan Thies


    Co-founder, The SEO BrainTrust

    Match Types
  • Marty Weintraub


    President & Founder, aimClear

    Demo. Research
  • Rob Sieracki


    COO, Rocket Clicks

    14 Top PPC Tips
  • Kevin Lee


    Author, The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

  • Shelley Ellis


    Display Advertising Evangelist, Shelley Ellis Consulting

    Disp. Ad Tools
  • Howie Jacobson


    Author, Google AdWords For Dummies

    Star Trek/GWTW
  • Dave Davis


    Managing Director, Redfly LTD

    PPC 5 Pillars
  • Bryan Eisenberg


    Partner, Eisenberg Holdings

    Campaign Design
  • Siddharth Shah


    Director of Business Analytics, Efficient Frontier

    3 Factors
  • Matthew Umbro


    Search Marketing Specialist, PixelMEDIA

    Campaign Intent
  • Thomas Bindl


    CEO, Refined Labs

    Ad $ Waste
  • Frank Lee


    Sr VP, The Search Agency

    Maximizing Yield
  • Ken Jurina


    President & CEO, Epiar Inc.

    Negative KW’s
  • Scott Brinker


    Co-founder, President & CTO, ion interactive

    Post-Click Mktg
  • Brian Carter


    CEO, FanReach

    Facebook Lab
  • James Zolman


    Affiliate Marketer

    Ad Budgeting
  • Wister Walcott


    Co-founder, VP of Products, Marin Software

    Google Live Ads
  • Melissa Mackey


    Online Marketing Manager, Fluency Media

    Goal Setting
  • Bryan Todd


    Co-Author, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

  • Richard Stokes


    CEO, AdGooroo

    QS & CTR
  • David Rothwell


    CEO, Adwords

    Conv. Tracking
  • Steve O'Brien


    VP, Marketing, Adometry

    Attrib Analysis
  • Mona Elesseily


    VP Online Marketing Strategy, Page Zero Media

    4 Search Myths
  • Bill Barnes


    VP & Co-Founder , Mediative (Formerly Enquiro)

    User Intent
  • Crispin Sheridan


    Senior Director of Search Marketing, SAP

  • Jamie Smith


    CEO, Engine Ready Software

    PPC Strategy
  • Christine Churchill


    President, KeyRelevance

    Conv. Tracking
  • Craig Danuloff


    President, ClickEquations

    QS Shortcut
  • Mike Roberts


    President & Founder, SpyFu

    Comp Ad History
  • Aaron Goldman


    Chief Marketing Officer, Kenshoo

    The PPC Rap
  • Joe Kerschbaum


    Client Services Director, Clix Marketing

    Conversion Opt.
  • Pamela Lund


    Director of Paid Search, BlueGlass Interactive

    Negative KW’s
  • Ian Lopuch


    Director, Search Engine Marketing, eHealthInsurance

    3 Tips to Top
  • Joseph Vivolo


    Director of Search Engine Marketing, KoMarketing

    Lead Quality
  • Marc Hoeft


    Head of SEM, pilot 1/0 (

    Channel choice
  • Jonathan Mizel


    President and CEO, Cyberwave Media, Inc.

  • Ian Rhodes


    Owner, Rhodes Consultancy

    Success Keys
  • Andy Steuer


    CEO, MerchEngines

    SMB Marketing
  • Dan Soha


    CEO, Five Mill, Inc.

    Smarter PPC
  • Amy Hoffman


    Account Supervisor, Hanapin (PPCHero)

    Goal Setting
  • Stacy Williams


    President, Prominent Placement

    Landing Pages
  • Joe Laratro


    President, Tandem Interactive

  • Tom Demers


    Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Measured SEM

    PPC ABC’s
  • Alan Mitchell


    PPC Consultant & Owner, Calculate Marketing

    KW Qual
  • Crystal Anderson


    PPC Associate, SEER Interactive

    PPC Settings