About the PPC Microconference

This MicroConference represents a new way connect true experts with people (like you) who need their services and advice to cost-effectively boost traffic to their websites and, ultimately, to gain new customers, increase revenue and improve bottom-line profit.

If you’ve ever tried searching for a PPC expert, whether to outsource your campaign to or as a firm that can train you to do it successfully, then you know just how excruciatingly frustrating it is to find a few REAL experts (much less 60 experts!).

PPC, like so many subjects, is filled with websites and so-called experts who are in business for the sole purpose of wasting your time and money with bad (or outmoded) advice, poorly constructed campaigns or hidden pyramid schemes.

The PPC MicroConference solves these problems. You get to hear these experts answer one very simple—yet powerful question—in their own voice. And after listening to each speaker, you’ll know which ones offer the kind of services you need.

Some have even suggested that it’s like speed-dating for the PPC community!



About Me (a/k/a John Fox)

Greetings! I’m John Fox. The organizer of this MicroConference.

All you have to know about me is that I’m a devoted entrepreneur and business developer/geek. My #1 top priority is creating new sources of revenue for small-midsize businesses (SMB) by leveraging technology, social media and an overwhelming amount of relevant fresh content.

At its core, this MicroConference combines these three things.

In my day job, I’m President of Venture Marketing, a marketing consulting firm I started back in 1996. Every day I get the opportunity to work with cool people who run technology start-ups and other tech-savvy businesses thirsty for top-line revenue growth. How fun is that?

As an aid to small businesses, I’ve written a ton of ebooks, white papers, articles and blog posts. But it’s the books I’ve published that have been the most rewarding. Nothing against ebooks, white papers, articles and blog posts…they’re terrific for what they are. But none have the staying power of real books.

In 2005 I self-published The Marketing-Playbook—The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing for Small Business. Endorsed by Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Al Ries and Doug Hall, the Playbook provides detailed instructions for implementing more than 100 sales-driven marketing strategies for small businesses. Think of it as a marketing director’s cookbook for serving everything from appetizers to the main course to dessert.

In early 2011 I wrote my second book: 99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain (endorsed by Scott Bekker, Editor in Chief, Redmond Channel Partner Magazine). It’s a book filled with questions I challenge anyone to answer about their Channel Partners. If the term “Channel Partners” is a new one for you, Channel Partners are anyone selling your products and services who are NOT your employees. Think: resellers, reps, dealers, affiliates, OEMs, distributors, VARs, brokers…the classic middle-men. Since the majority of companies (of any size) go to market through channels today, I thought it was time for a book that stimulated neuron-firing and action.

Oh, and on the personal side, I earned my BS Engineering-Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Ruth, my wife of 29 years, and I live in the Chicago 'burbs with our five (that’s not a typo: 5) entrepreneurially-minded children.